The department of Spine Surgery caters to patients with all kinds of spine ailments. The surgical procedures are performed using latest techniques of minimally invasive and endoscopic spine surgeries. The department is backed by state-of-the-art equipment and expert physiotherapy team. 

 We are unique in offering “Awake Spine Surgery” to our patients which is a senior citizen friendly procedure. It avoids the risk of general anaesthesia and ensures faster recovery compared to traditional spine procedures. All surgeries are performed using minimally invasive approaches which reduces the incidence of infection, blood loss and neurological deficit. Combination of awake spine surgery and minimally invasive technique ensures that patient is discharged one or maximum two days after surgery.
The spine surgery department treats all kinds of spinal pathologies including sciatica, disc herniation, spinal cord compression, tuberculosis, scoliosis, spine deformity, nerve compression, neck pain, back pain, tumours and sacro-iliac joint pathologies. 
We believe in holistic treatment of all spine pathologies and hence we place equal emphasis on non-surgical treatment of spine ailments whenever possible. Patients are given tips on healthy lifestyle changes and relevant exercises which will help them relieve back and neck pain through self-care programmes.
Spine disorders treated at Sehgal-Neo hospital-
Lumbar disc degeneration
Cervical disc degeneration
Spine fractures
Degenerative disorders
Spinal cord compression
Disc replacement surgery
Adult and paediatric deformities 
Spinal tumours
Spinal infection, trauma and inflammatory disorders
Sacro-iliac joint pathologies 
Procedures offered at Sehgal-Neo hospital-
Awake spine surgery
Micro-discectomy/endoscopic discectomy
Spine fusion surgery
Endoscopic spine surgery
Minimally invasive spine surgery
Spine fracture surgery
Spine tumour surgery
Scoliosis surgery
Kyphosis surgery
Injection therapies (nerve root block, facet injections, sacro-iliac joint injections and caudal epidural)
Sacro-iliac joint fusion

Specialised Doctors

Dr. Saurabh Kapoor

Head of department

Spine Surgery (Minimal Invasive/Endoscopic)

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