Medical Devices to Keep at Home for Older People

January 06, 2022

Older people have to be mindful, staying at home with certain diseases and disorders might require extra care as compared with the younger people. New age tech has made it possible for the people to keep a check on their vitals, effortlessly. Equipment like SPO2 meter and BP monitor can raise any irregularities and assist with timely medical intervention.

Our ‘Homecare team’ at SNH has experienced clinicians who have years of knowhow in treating the elderly, and provide tailored healthcare requirement at home, be it post op rehabilitation, dialysis or any other medical requirement, we take the extra mile for the elderly in their treatment journey.

A weighing scale at home can assist seniors with tracking and maintaining an optimum body weight, obesity can lead to many cardiovascular and joint related problems.

Here are a few devices that can come in handy when you or your loved ones are feeling a little under the weather. One of the most basic medical devices to keep at home is a thermometer it can either be a infrared, mercury or a digital one, which can identify a spike in the body temperature, which could indicate infections or any other illness.

SPO2 Meter or Pulse Oximeter has become immensely popular after three COVID19 waves, it is a small medical device, which can be put on the index finger to track oxygen levels in the blood.

Keeping a close eye on oxygen levels for the elderly can assist in identifying conditions like anaemia or cardiovascular problems at an early stage. Normal saturation levels are between 95–100%.

Having a blood pressure monitor at home can be extremely helpful in preventing heart disease and strokes among the geriatric population as this device can be very useful to identify any inconsistencies in their blood pressure.

Many elderly people have diabetes or even prediabetes, a glucometer is a must-have to monitor blood glucose levels at home. It can identify spikes in blood glucose, and a proper record of blood glucose levels during the day can assist your doctor to make a suitable treatment plan.

A nebulizer is an extremely useful device for people suffering with breathing problems, especially asthma or COPD. A nebulizer helps administer medicines directly to the lungs to help with breathing. For the elderly people with respiratory issues, a nebulizer can be a lifesaver.

A personal medical alert system can assist seniors with help in case of falls or other medical emergency, where a phone call isn’t possible, having all these supplies are no way a substitute for regular medical check-ups with your clinician.

SNH geriatric care services can schedule home doctor and nurse visits in Delhi and NCR for routine checkups. Experience unprecedented healthcare at home with Sehgal Neo Hospital, Paschim Vihar, New Delhi.