Services Offered

  • Minimal Access, Bariatric & General Surgery
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  • Maternity Services & Luxurious Labour Delivery Room (LDR)
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  • New Born Intensive Care (NICU)
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Patient Testimonials

Mr. Daya Krishan Nagpal from Pankha Road, New Delhi was treated at Sehgal Neo Hospital by Dr. Ashish Kalra from the Department of Nephrology.

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1. Yogurt – Probiotics or healthy bacteria that keep the gut and intestinal tract free of disease causing germs.
2. Oats and Barley – These grains contain beta – glucan, a type of fiber with antimicrobial and antioxidant capabilities.
3. Garlic – This contains the active ingredient allicin which fights infection and bacteria.
4. Tea – The amino acid that’s responsible for immune boost , L-theanine is abundant in both black and green tea.
5. Sweet Potato /Carrots/ papaya/ green leafy vegetables/ broccoli – To stay strong and healthy your skin needs vitamin A. One of the best ways to get vitamin A into your diet is from foods containing beta-carotene which your body turn into vitamin A.
6. Mushrooms – Studies show that mushroom increase the production and activity of white blood cells making them more aggressive. This is good thing when you have an infection.